Frequently Answered Questions

How long has the league been in existence? 
The league has been in existence since 1962. Initially, it was known as the Pinehickon Valley Baseball League. In 2002 the name was changed to the Plumstead Baseball Association.  

Is the league affiliated with any youth sports sanctioning organization? 
Yes. The Rookie, Minor Prep, Minor and Major divisions of the Plumstead Baseball Association are chartered by the Little League Baseball, Inc. Senior Baseball is affiliated with Connie Mack baseball and the Inter-Township League (ITL).  

How many divisions are there in the league? 
There are seven Baseball Divisions: Rookie (coach-pitch), Minor Prep, Minors, Majors, ITL, Connie Mack and Senior Connie Mack  

What are the corresponding age groups?

  • The Rookie Division, where batters are introduced to the pitched ball by coach or machine pitching, is for players age 6
  • The Minor Prep division is intended for 7-8 year olds to get ready for real pitching and more instruction
  • The Minor Division, where players begin pitching to one another, is for players age 9-10
  •  The Major Division is players 11-12
  • The ITL Division is for players between 13-20 (2 divisions: 13 to 15, and 16-20)
  • Connie Mack division is for players 13-16. Senior Connie Mack for players from 17 to 29 years of age.  

Where are games/practices held? 
Most games and practices are held at fields located at Deep Run Road and Scott Road in Plumstead Township, near Route 611. We also use fields at Gayman Elementary School, Landis Park, Schweitzer Park, Allohaken Park and Hanusey Park.  

When does the season start?
The season typically starts in mid-April. If you have registered and have not heard from a coach by the end of the first week of April, contact your division director. Connie Mack starts in May.  

When does the season end?
The season usually ends in mid-June and Connie Mack in July.  

What equipment does my child need to have?
It depends upon the division that he or she plays in. Players in all divisions need to have their own fielder's mitt. In the T-ball division, no other equipment is needed. In the rookie division, it is recommended but not required that players wear a plastic-cleated shoe. Players in the minors and majors should also wear plastic-cleated shoes and it is strongly suggested that players at these levels also wear a protective cup. Metal spikes are strictly prohibited at all levels. Many players prefer to use their own bats, but they are not required. The league provides bats, catcher's equipment, helmets and all other necessary equipment.

I would like my child to be placed on a team with a particular coach/other child. Can this be done? 
Requests for a particular coach or teammate(s) can be made in the Rookie Division only, but the league cannot guarantee that the request will be accommodated. Requests will not be accommodated where they interfere with the league's goal of providing balance among the teams. Any request for a particular coach/teammate(s) MUST be made at time of registration. Later requests will NOT be considered.

My child is big/small for his/her age. Can he or she play up/down? 
The league wishes to place all children in the division of our league that is age appropriate for him/her. Parental requests for players to play up or down will be evaluated by league officials on a case-by-case basis. Parents should make these requests at registration to allow for sufficient evaluation time.  

I want to volunteer to help out. What do I do? 
Plumstead Baseball Association is a volunteer organization that relies very heavily on parent support and participation. We can use help in many areas, including field maintenance, umpiring, and snack stand staffing. If you are willing to volunteer, please contact any division director or other league official.    

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